Ask Ava: Do Women Like Anal Sex Better than Regular Sex?

Q: Dear Ava. Do woman like having anal sex better than regular sex? – Casey

A: Hi Casey. Just like every sexual proclivity – it’s very individual. Some women may like anal better, while some will prefer vaginal intercourse. And there’s a lot of women out there, young and old, who have never and will never let a man in through the back door.

As someone who has tried both, I do enjoy straight-up intercourse better but every once in a while will go for a little anal sex. Anal is great for mixing it up, or if your lady is a little sore up front from extended make-out sessions, it’s a great alternative.

Anal sex feels different and some men may enjoy it better because it feels tighter or because they like the position it puts women in. If it’s a subject you are broaching with a new partner, you never want to dive right in before knowing her feelings on the subject, especially if she is an anal virgin. After-sex pillow talk is a perfect time to bring up the subject to find out if she’s interested.

If you and your partner are both new to anal sex, be sure to check out articles, rather than rely on porn, for tips on how to make the most of this experience.

Something to try with a woman who enjoys both is double penetration. I can tell you, there’s nothing like the feeling of being that full! This can be done in an MMF threesome (again, not for every woman!) or by adding a dildo into play. If you are using a sex toy, then be sure to clean it well between back and front door use.

And don’t forget, anal sex doesn’t just mean penis-in-ass… you can also include a little finger action, or if you’re feeling extra adventurous – your tongue!

Readers: What are your thoughts on anal? Does your gal love it?

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