What is Your Dating Experience with Older Women?

Beautiful Woman

More and more younger men are dating older women as they see or experience the benefits of a cougar cub relationship. Woo hoo! This makes me very happy indeed. And that’s not the only change in the cougar cub dating jungle.

Ten years ago, I was always the first one to make a move and I had no problem with this, but now… the younger guys are taking the lead by joining dating sites devoted to older women as well as approaching mature women in public to ask them out for dates . Am I surprised? Of course not. Couples with a 10+ years age gap are mainstream now and represented in all forms of media.

I’ve dated cubs all across the spectrum in their experience of dating older women. I’ve dated virgin cubs to first time cougar daters to men who have no interest in dating women their own age. Where do you fit in when it comes to dating mature women?

What is Your Dating Experience with Older Women?

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