The Women’s Studies Professor – An Erotic Story

Teacher Flirting with Male Student

When our readers write us we love to see what they’re saying, and in many cases the erotica we receive is too damn sexy to keep for ourselves. Here’s an awesome interlude from Kevin S. of Kansas City.

“Back in college, I somehow found myself taking a Women’s Studies course as an elective. On the good side, I was one of only three guys in the class, with about 30 women. On the other hand, a lot of them weren’t real interested in men, if you catch my drift.

The professor was in her early 50s, kind of a hippy MILF type, and sexy as hell. She had long black hair with gray streaks, and a trim body that she kept in great shape. I found her surprisingly receptive to my clumsy flirting but considered it an idle fantasy. What would a mature babe like her want with a skinny college guy like me?

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One night I ran into her at a little organic grocery near campus. As always, she looked amazing. She asked what I was up to and whether I’d like to have dinner at her place, which turned out to be right around the corner. I wasn’t about to turn down that invitation, and soon I was sipping wine and eating pasta at her place.

After dinner, things just sort of naturally drifted to us slow dancing to some old CDs. I decided to go for it and kissed her neck. Thankfully, she responded in kind and our lips met for the first time. We never left the living room, shedding our clothes and making love standing up while the 60s music on her stereo provided us a sensual soundtrack.”

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