Sex With a Married Woman – The Risks

Beginning a relationship with a married woman can be quite risky if it’s not done correctly. Unless your new date is in an open relationship, where her husband lets her see lovers outside of her marriage, there’s always the threat of being discovered. So what can do you to avoid these risks when having sex with a married woman? It may be more simple than you think!

First, the risk of her husband finding out is probably the number one issue to tackle. Keep communication as private as possible. Sometimes the married woman getting a second cell phone that’s not on her husband’s plan is necessary. Her using a smaller hand-held computer for emails and flirty messages is safer than a laptop or desktop computer at home. When she’s not at the house, she can take the tablet or smart phone with her to avoid any “accidental” discovery by her husband. Using dating sites for communication is also an option, as these tend to be more secure than email on its own.

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Another risk that you might want to consider is how your friends will react. Will you be interacting with them as well as your new married girlfriend? Or will you be keeping your relationship under wraps? If you’ve got the kind of friends that will hassle you over sex with a married woman, it may be a better plan to keep them in the dark for as long as possible. This is important if there’s any possibility that your friends have connections with your lover’s husband.

Lastly, be sure that your married sex partner doesn’t have any sons or daughters who could discover her secret. Especially with older offspring, the chances that they’ll go back and tell their father what is going on is quite high. Unless the marriage between your sex partner and her spouse is an unhappy one, the possibility of her family taking “her side” are pretty slim.

Do you have experience with dating married women? How did you navigate the relationship?

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