The Real Housewives Hotties

I admit it. I watch the Real Housewives. I’m a cougar interested in how other cougars play. I don’t know how real these women are given the obvious plastic surgery they’ve had and the enhanced editing of ‘reality’ shows, but it’s good ‘bad’ entertaining TV.

Many of the women in the franchise history had married older wealthy men, but are now divorcing and going on the prowl for younger men, with success. Go ladies! I do wonder if their celebrity, money, and physical enhancements make it easier for them, than us everyday cougars that get by on personality, hard work, and nature’s blessings in the looks department. Answer our poll regarding money here.

I have no problem with women getting a bit of work done, but this franchise stars women that go too far. How do you know when enough is enough? When getting so much plastic surgery actually makes you look older than younger –  Kim (Atlanta) and Christina (Vancouver) are guilty of this, unless they’re lying about their age which is entirely possible.

My favourite gold diggers turned cougars are Tamra (Orange County) and Camille (Beverly Hills). Both have children and marriages that turned super nasty. Tamra is a tough little number that recently found Eddie, a hot tamale, she is currently engaged too. Former dancer Camille was married to Kelsey Grammar, a known womanizer, who left her for a younger woman. Bastard! Well, it wasn’t long before Camille hooked up with Dimitri, a hot Grecian stud. Even if these relationships aren’t real, the housewives sure look like they’re having fun pretending.

Tamra and Eddie get down and dirty in the bath:
(you’ll have to watch the full episode to see all of it but apparently some found the scene too hot for TV!)
[youtube id=”UdvFbhsQ8Js” width=”600″ height=”350″]
Cubs: Do you have a crush on a Housewives hottie or other cougars on TV?

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