Literary Cougar Protagonists

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Sexy women who know what they want and just how to get it are rare. That’s why cougars are fantasized about so often. Famous authors from the annals of history such as William Shakespeare and Gregory Chaucer have focused on these unique and special women in their works, which we still enjoy today.

Reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream in college was one of the things that made me discover my love of mature women,” admits Ely Smith, a cub looking for a girlfriend on “I loved the way Queen Titania used her experience to seduce Nicholas Bottom, a guy in his 20’s who was helpless to her charms.” Titania was actually enchanted into falling for Nicholas, who has the head of an ass and the body of a man. This beauty used all of her wiles to seduce the inexperienced man to show him the ways of an older, confident woman.

“The Wife of Bath” is a mystical story from The Canterbury Tales. The main character, Alyson or Alys who is The Wife of Bath, has five husbands throughout her long life. Her last, Jankyn, was a much younger man who wanted to control everything about her and her estate. They fought and she won, thus gaining control of everything in her life again. After he became more submissive to her, they lived happily ever after!

Phaedra is an older woman from Ancient Greece who is the subject of a few literary works including plays and stories from both modern and ancient eras. This ancient cougar trope had a taboo sex life. She fell in love with her stepson, who also was her sister’s son.

Can you recommend any literary works where older women are centre stage?

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