Let Your Cougar Lead with a Long Leash

If you are a cub looking for cougar of your own, listen closely! A cougar is an older, mature woman who understands what she wants. Not only is she hot and sexy, she also knows it! You might be used to dating 20-something-year-old chicks who still deal with insecurities and a lack of direction in life, or who rely on you for confidence and approval, but most cougars are not like that at all. Dudes, you might be used to taking the lead, but when dating a MILF or cougar, try letting her hold the reins a bit more than you’re used to and see where she takes you.

Let Her Spoil You
A cougar might be more established than you are and that’s okay. You can use a successful cougar as a role model for your own career. However, at this particular juncture, she might have more cash flow than you. Don’t feel obligated to treat her to dinner every single time you go out. In fact, she may want to give you fun gifts that are a bit out of your price range or dress you up in outfits she enjoys.

Let Your Cougar Choose the Date
Suggest to your cougar date that she picks whatever fun or sexy activity you’re going to do. That way, she knows it’s okay for her to take control of things, which she has probably wanted to do! Cougars are stereotypically fiercely independent so they definitely don’t want to have stereotypical dates, and probably have tons of fun ideas you would never have thought of.

“Of course there has got to be balance in any relationship,” explains Georgina Sanchez, a member satisfaction consultant for RealCougars.com. “However, what we find is that with older women and their cubs, the women want to feel more in control. They’re happier when taking the lead, more so than in traditional relationships.”

Sometimes getting time with the hottest older woman is as easy as sitting back and allowing her to step forward in your new relationship. Trust us, she knows exactly what she’s doing!

What to Expect When Dating a Cougar

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