Jungle Life: Eating Out at the Diner

A cub told me his ultimate cougar was a woman who worked in small town diners. I asked where he met these women as we both lived in a big city. He said he was a road tripper, that he’d travel down through the States to find his women. His favorite diners were in the Carolinas, he said. He couldn’t resist an older woman with a southern accent. The East Coast of Canada is where he met one of the sexiest cougar waitresses ever. They got down and dirty in the walk-in fridge, brrr.. He went on to say that hooking up with diner cougars wasn’t difficult. A lot of the women had been stuck in these dead end jobs or loveless marriages and were more than happy to serve up a dish of experience to young traveller.

He hadn’t been travelling in a while and he missed these restaurant hookups. I knew how to bring his fantasy to life. I went to a thrift store and found a hot pink minidress with a white collar and stitched my name on. I then put my hair up in a loose bun and stuck a pencil through it. As I sashayed towards the bed, I carried a notepad to take his order. All I can say is—he was hungry and knew how to eat. Prrrr. I would have offered seconds to that cub any day. Unfortunately the fantasy wasn’t as good as the real thing, so it wasn’t long before he hit the road in search of his preferred cougar.

Have you hooked up with a diner cougar? Was it delicious?

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