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Models are usually in their early twenties and many are still teenagers. Some fashion magazines and designers have pushed the boundaries in the industry by working with models that aren’t stick thin which has been great, but what about using older women as models. We need representation too!

Wilhelmina International, the modeling agency that discovered Iman and Gia Carangi in the 70s and 80s is doing just that. They are searching for a more mature image of beauty with the Wilhelmina 30 + Model Search.

A cool twist to their search was that the public was able to vote on their favorite woman. The agency said they were looking for women “who have it all: confidence, beauty, and the ability to inspire other women to feel the same way”. This is the second year Wilhelmina has conducted the search. Thirty semi-finalists were chosen, with seven of the beauties over the age of 50.

The winner gets a three-year modeling contract with Wilhelmina, a cover shoot with O Magazine and two $1,000 shopping sprees courtesy of sponsors Macy’s and Miraclesuit.

“Real beauty comes from confidence and a sense of well-being, and that only increases as women leave their 20s behind,” says Adam Glassman, who regularly features these inspirational women in the pages of O Magazine.

This isn’t the modeling agency’s first time focusing on older models; former president Sean Patterson was a judge on TV Land’s She’s Got The Look, a reality show that attempted to be America’s Next Top Model for models over the age of 35.

Meet the post 50 contestants and read why they think they should become a finalist in Wilhelmina Model’s competition.

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