How to Read Her Body Language

Body language is a great way to read what a woman is thinking or feeling, especially on a first date. Paying close attention to  her body (non-verbal language) will give you an idea if you’re going to get lucky. Even if an experienced older woman doesn’t think she’s giving anything away, she is!

Where to Focus

Eyes. Is she making eye contact, holding you locked in? This tells you she’s solely focused on you and not distracted. Respond with a smile.

Eye Pupils. Of course, lighting may be a factor, but if you’ve been hanging in the same place a while and you notice her pupils suddenly expand this means she likes and wants what she sees – you! When pupils dilate, this usually indicates a lack of interest or irritation.

Mouth. Smiling is her way of saying, “I’m enjoying myself and want to continue…”  And what you really want to hear is her laughing. A sense of humour goes a long way with women.

Lips. When a woman licks her lips, she may be trying to draw attention to her mouth – a hint that she wants a kiss. Dry lips are also a physical sign of arousal.

Shoulders and Feet. If these are pointed in your direction, you’ll know she is focused and interested. If she turns away, you’re on the wrong track, or you may have said something to offend her. Fix it fast.

Arms. You want to see her limbs relaxed and moving with ease, a sign she’s comfortable. You don’t want to see her arms crossed.

Wrists and Palms. If these are exposed to you, it’s another way you’ll know she feels at ease.


Leaning in. This is a great sign! She’s attracted to you and wants to be closer. A sudden lean-out means you probably did something to offend her.

Fidgeting. A woman playing with her hair or fiddling with her attire is connected to her emotions. Quicker movements indicate nervousness while slower gestures mean she is trying to draw attention to herself.

Mirroring. We often mimic the actions of those we are attracted to. If you see here mirroring your movements, you’ll know you’re on the right track.

Watching her body for signs or just watching her body because she’s hot is great, but don’t forget to listen to what she’s saying too;)

What non-verbal cues let you know a woman is interested?

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