Bonding Behaviors for Better Sex, Better Relationships

Make Your Love Life Easier by Actively Bonding with Your Partner

Feel free to stop reading now if you’re currently on the hookup circuit and loving it. If you sleep with a different woman every week and and committed relationships are the last thing on your mind, move along. I’m going to talk about bonding: attachment, cuddling, caring, and dare I say… love? So if that’s not where you’re at, go check out these horny hookup sites instead.

Get Ready to Increase Your Attachment

So who’s left? The rest of you are either seeking the cougar of your dreams to live happily ever after with, or you’re casually dating but wouldn’t mind getting closer with that one mature woman who really turns your crank. Although it’s important to be emotionally open and have heart-to-heart talks when forming lasting relationships, there are easy pleasurable shortcuts that encourage bonding between two people. I’m talking about the neurochemicals swirling around in our brains when we genuinely engage in specific activities. Thank you science!

All that Moaning is Good for Something

Gestures to bond more deeply with your partner, from Psychology Today:

  • smile, with eye contact
  • skin-to-skin contact
  • gaze into each other’s eyes
  • synchronized breathing
  • kiss with lips and tongues
  • hold or spoon each other in stillness
  • wordless sounds of contentment and pleasure
  • stroke with intent to comfort
  • massage with intent to comfort, especially feet, shoulders, and head
  • lie with your ear over your partner’s chest and listen to the heart beat
  • touch and suck nipples and breasts
  • place your palm over your lover’s genitals with intent to comfort rather than arouse
  • gentle intercourse

Bonding Means Better Sex

At this point you might be thinking, “If bonding is about this physical stuff, then why can’t we just bond by continuing to have all this great sex?” You WILL bond that way for sure, because sex releases awesome endogenous drugs that make us feel sooo good. But sex alone is not a replacement for attachment cues, such as those in the list above, which will take your emotional bond to the next level.

If you have a strong bond with your partner before a night of passion even begins, the sex is going to rock even harder. On top of that, you and your partner will fight less and genuinely like each other more. Who doesn’t want that?

I’d love to hear anyone else’s take on this, so feel free to get the conversation started in the comments below. And if you found this interesting don’t forget to tweet or like!

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