Hot Rocker Women Over Forty

Sexy Rocker Woman with Guitar

I’ve always had a thing for musicians and I’ve met lots of men that get hot watching females on stage. It was hard choosing only ten for this list as there are more and more women that keep rockin’ as they get older. Whether you’re into power driven type A personalities or prefer a  southern belle, this list offers a bit of everything.

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Gwen Stefani – I thought she was mid-thirties. I love her washboard abs, confidence, boundless energy, and diverse talents. She is a true original who wasn’t afraid to branch out on her own. And now she’s a fashion icon too. Yes, she’s married, but still a great fantasy.

Madonna –  Pioneer. Legend. Even if you’re not a fan of her music, you have to admit she’s a great in business and knows how to push boundaries. I have a lot of respect for a woman that works hard for what she wants. She likes the younger men, too.

Joan Jett – Put another dime in her jukebox. This hardcore leather clad tough chick is still touring and collaborated on the recent Runaways movie.

 Janet Jackson – When Janet’s in shape no one can touch her. I like her dual personality – soft spoken artist in interviews vs her smokin’ hot stage persona.

Sheryl Crow – Down to Earth. She’s got the hippie factor a lot of boys like and has performed many a duet, crooning with her raspy, sexy voice. And you can’t miss her killer arms.

Cyndi Lauper – She may not be your first fantasy choice, but she’s got spunk to spare and I dig her Brooklyn accent. Girls do just want to have fun.

Jennifer Lopez – She’s a smokin’ mum of twins. What? Still looking for love, she’s now dating another one of her back-up dancers. I guess she’s got a little cougar in her.

Shirley Manson – Scottish lass with a great voice and a great look (juicy lips). She gives off a complex mix of danger and vulnerability in her performances.

Nancy Wilson – I can watch Heart videos all day. This woman really knows how to make love to a guitar on stage.

Did I exclude your favorite rocker over forty? Give us the goods on why she gets you goin’.

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