Flirting Tips for Younger Men

Guys know when a woman is flirting with them, but when I ask men what they do when they like a woman, how they flirt, they never seem to have an answer. Sending a drink to an older woman simply won’t cut it, and never ever say, “you look good for your age.”

Flirting with a cougar woman isn’t complicated – there just needs to be a little more refinement. We’ve seen it all and won’t fall for the snake charming ways of a smooth operator. We want the real goods, and here’s how to deliver them:

Paying attention to what she has to say and showing interest by asking questions are mandatory. Yes we’re interested in finding a sexual connection, but we also want a little respect on the way there.

Don’t try to impress her with half-truths. Older women will see through the bullshit, and it will spoil any chance you have of getting laid. We don’t expect a man much younger than ourselves to go toe to toe with our experience or success.

You may be intimidated by hers because a cougar knows what she wants, but you can feed off her energy. If she is flirting and keeping the conversation going, then you can be sure she is interested in seeing where things go.

Compose yourself in a way that expresses maturity. She expects respect and will be watching how you interact with others as well. Rowdy drunks that come on too strong never get to the bedroom.

A beautiful older woman is selective. We don’t just bang any young stud that comes along and to hold our attention we need to feel appreciated.

Younger women often don’t know how to take a compliment, but a cougar woman is thankful for praise and can take admonishments graciously.

What flirting techniques can you share?

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