Famous Cougars and their Cubs

Celebrity and Papparazzi

Even though I’ve talked about the faux pas of calling mature women “Cougars”, I cannot deny there is a HUUUUGE surge of us (as well as use of the term) coming into the limelight. The cougar/cub relationship is garnering more favorable attention than ever because of the age demographic and age separation. And it doesn’t hurt to have many famous names attached to the moniker.

Cougars are well-adapted, well-informed, well-educated, and well-developed (sexually speaking). We’re older and we know what we want. We’re not ditzes, we’re not lost, we’re not left behind. So make no mistake, the Crown of the Cougar should only be worn if these qualities are obvious to both the mature and their would-be suitors.

With all that under our proverbial cougar belt, it’s worth noting some hot, famous, controversial C ‘n’ C couples, past and present:

Madonna and Jesus Luz – Ok, honestly? Who doesn’t want to be with Madonna, let alone BE Madonna? She’s a dancer, an entertainer, a musician, an author, a mother, a die-hard businesswoman, and all the other nouns in between. There is truly no other woman like her. And who’s the best match for her? Only a younger man would be able to keep up with this all around dynamo.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher – This one is all too easy. These two lasted longer than anyone anticipated. Even with their fifteen-year age gap and the unscrupulous Twitter feed that was akin to fifteen-year-old teenagers, these two were a well-matched love-bound couple that made it far beyond “just a fling”.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon – I’m skeptical of giving this the Cougar Cub Relationship title. Eleven years? Please. It just doesn’t seem fair to Mariah unless her man had JUST hit his twenties.

I recently had a guy approach me via my online dating profile: he said he didn’t even care if I was older… he was only four years my junior. Are you nuts? Four years? The cheese in my fridge is older than that. If we’re both in the same decade, I can’t even pretend how you could be my cub. Push outside the fifteen-year gap and into another mental age then we can talk C ‘n’ C. I think the world-at-large needs to reassess what they think is an age gap with an older women.

As for the others? Ok, Hollywood, you can have these as a legitimate cougar and cub couples:

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart – 18 years
Susan Sarandon and Jonathan Bricklin – 30 years
Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill – 29 Years
Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling – 16 Years

Check out these Hollywood Cougars:

What age gap defines a true cougar and cub relationship?

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