To Friend or Not to Friend – That is the Question

For many, Facebook has become a central if not THE central locus of their personal lives. While some who are exceptionally private are very cautious about who they add as “friends,” others will add nearly anyone who sends a request.

Whether you should add a hookup as a Facebook friend depends on you, the particulars of your social situation and of course your assessment of the person in question. For many MILF hunters, offering potential hookups the option of checking out your Facebook page will help close the deal, even if your potential match doesn’t take you up on your offer. Your willingness to let your match get a look at your “real life” (or at least the Facebook version of real life) shows an openness that is reassuring. As well as allaying concerns that you might be looking online for sex, you’re revealing your self with your purportedly real name, your circle of friends, bad old photos of your childhood, your interests and opinions, and whatever else is up on your page. You’re no longer a potentially dangerous unknown. Your new “friend” may just become a friend with benefits.

Obviously there are downsides to letting hookups get acquainted with who you are via Facebook. You could have just accepted the friendship of a complete whacko, but in all fairness, they were taking the same chance when they friended you.

Post-hookup friending can help you stay in touch should you wish to see the person again, particularly if you feel like there could be the possibility of a relationship. Even if you want to keep it casual, being able to see them online creates booty call opportunities that might otherwise go unrequited. Of course your Facebook page can be your personal advertisement, with every post and picture serving as a surreptitious ad for repeat performances – it’s all up to you.

If things get weird, you can always unfriend or block someone who has become an annoyance, but in the grand scheme of things there’s much more to be gained by friending than there is to lose.

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