Go Bald or Go Home!

Balding shouldn’t be a problem, but a lot of men let it become one, one which affects their dating success. I’ll admit, when I was a young thing, I loved men with long hair… I was into the hippie types and there were a lot back of them back then. Now the trend is all about facial hair. If you’re into the clean shaven look, well, these are sad times indeed. And the moustache-only seems to be making a comeback.

More and more cubs I meet and date are losing their hair prematurely, whether that’s spotty patching, receding hairlines, or thinning all over. Nothing wrong with that. It’s what you do about it that matters. A man hanging on to his hair isn’t attractive – it’s all about knowing when to let go.

If you’re having any hair loss problems, you’ll want to keep it short. The shorter the better. Longer, stringy hair isn’t a good look. Nor is the bald-patch ponytail combo. You may think, no one would be so foolish to sport such a do, but they DO! You might as well have the word INSECURE stamped on your forehead. You have to embrace what life changes come your way. That confidence is what generates the kind of energy that attracts older women.

And wearing a hat to cover up what’s happening to your hair is also a sign of insecurity and will work as a woman-repellent every time. No need to panic if you’ve shed a couple hairs in the shower, it’s when hair loss accelerates and becomes noticeable that you’ll want to make a decision. Your best bet is to keep it short until the inevitable happens – go bald! No shame!

As a woman who used to love men with long flowing locks, I never thought the bald look would appeal to me, but two of my last three boy toys have been bald, and yes, they made that awesome decision after losing half their hair first. And not only were they handsome as hell, they were also extremely confident in their sexuality. Meow! If you are self-assured, you can pull off any look.

I often equate the worry men have about losing hair to that of the worry women have about that extra ten pounds. The opposite sex just doesn’t care the way you do. Own what you have (or don’t have) and it becomes a non-issue.

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