Cougar Forever: How Old Is a Cougar?

Sexy Milf in the Bath. Cougar?

How old is too old to call yourself or someone else a cougar? Definitions of a cougar vary but found that most sites define a cougar as a woman at least 35 years of age and who seeks out men ten years younger, or more! So is a 60 year old woman hooking up with 50 year old still considered a cougar? I think that’s stretching it a bit. One article I came across referred to cougars over 50 as coyotes. Hmm.

This got me thinking about the definition of cougar and I tried to remember when I first heard it. I may have been offended even. I was probably under 35. I know some women who see the moniker as a put down. I don’t take it that seriously. I’m attracted to younger men, and I have no problem meeting and getting involved with them. I don’t see them as prey that I’m ready to pounce on and take advantage of. As long as a relationship is mutually beneficial, whether short term or long, then age is irrelevant. Calling myself a cougar makes me feel good about myself. I can think, girl, you still got it! Will I still be interested in younger men in twenty years? Only time will tell.

I dated a man twelve years younger than myself, but I can’t imagine going too much younger than that. I used to date older guys older, although that didn’t last after the pendulum swung. I’m not interested in serious relationships at the moment and I find it easier to find no-strings-attached fun with cubs. Men my own age seem to want to settle down after having sown their wild oats.

Cubs: Do you have a cougar age limit?

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