10 Worldwide Cougar Hotspots

Travelling abroad and need to find a great local place to meet a cougar? Check out these top 10 renowned cougar pick-up bars and restaurants from around the world.

V Bar (Las Vegas) – The epitome of Sin City, this bar is a unique mix of New York and LA rolled into one. And rightly so, as the creators are the owners of Lotus and the Sunset Room. Cougars flock here for every reason one goes to Vegas. Sensual colors, double-sided leather couches, and sophisticated lighting all add to the sexy allure and appeal that draw cougars in.

Stone Rose Lounge (New York) – Aptly named due to the use of stone and rosewood throughout, the Stone Rose Lounge is the embodiment of masculine elegance and is New York’s reigning cougar sanctuary.

Cotton’s Shanghai (China) – This is a favorite Shanghai locale. Although stylish and fashionable, Cotton’s is never pretentious and is more for the laid-back woman who likes to stay up and out until last call. The seating is kept to a minimum, and outside amongst a beautiful garden underneath a canopy of trees. In the winter time, enjoy the warmth by fireside.

WALL (Miami Beach) – Miami being one of the most famous places to drink, party and dance on the planet, WALL is a perfect blend of young and old. Sequinned dresses, button-down plaid, high-fashion shirt dresses, ripped jean shorts, stiletto heels, logo-emblazoned t-shirts, this flashing neon-lit dance floor goes all night. And you’ll be sure to never go home alone.

Elway’s (Denver) – With 3 locations, the downtown Elway’s seems to be the ideal setting for any occasion: business meeting, celebration, or a place to go at the end of the day. An extremely warm atmosphere, contemporary design, and an amazing wine list, Elway’s is a great dining and unwinding experience that reflects the adventurous and fun side of Colorado and its cougars.

Kanaloa (London) – Holding all types of singles events, Kanaloa grabs its clientele from from graduate professionals to Asian Muslims. This contemporary Hawaiian-themed bar has everything from weekly limbo competitions to full-moon parties. The casual atmosphere offers an eclectic mix of commercial chart, club classics, party anthem mash-ups with Happy Hours throughout the weekdays.

Bliss Bar (San Francisco) – With it’s candy-colored mood lighting and delicious cocktails (coconut and Domaine de Canton, cucumber martinis, or kaffir lime gimlets) to match, this bar is the perfect place to snatch up your cougar as it’s a mix of style and class. Bliss has a range of DJs that spin Funk, Soul, R+B, and Electro, but also has nights to fulfill all tastes of music by offering up live Jazz, traditional Blues, and Pop.

Drink (Boston) – Rated with many stars by Yelp reviews, Drink holds up to its name – best cocktails in the city.

Local 16 (Washington, DC) – Located in the U St. district, Local 16 has been serving up a classic American farm-driven menu since 2005. Partnering with local farmers and offering biodynamically-grown heirloom produce, this warm and cozy restaurant is a well-known cougar haven.

Library Bar (Los Angeles) – Of course decorated with a full-sized oak shelving unit of books and a cascading wall of framed pictures and mirrors, Library Bar is known for its laid back appeal. Its easy-going atmosphere allows you to strike up a conversation with a cougar of your choice over fun foods like corn dogs, blue cheese bacon burgers, or devilled eggs.

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