Avoid Scams on Cougar Dating Sites

avoid online dating scams

If you’re doing any online dating, you’ve probably come across some of the these tactics used by spammers, or suffered the disappointment of discovering the hot cougar you’re communicating with doesn’t have honest intentions. Personally, I recommend because they are one of the few who don’t use fake profiles or fake messages. But regardless of which site you choose, I’ve put together a few easy ways to weed out the bad apples on your search for  fun with experienced women.

  • Don’t reveal  personal details before meeting in person. Details like your address and phone number are the kinds of things scammers are want to get out of you. Keep these to yourself until you develop some in-person trust.
  • Do a search on google. Looking up a potential lover’s username or even the text of their messages can be revealing. You might even find them on one of the many sites devoted to dating scams.
  • Avoid long distance relationships with strangers. Most scammers will avoid victims in their own area to avoid getting caught. And keeping it local is clearly your best chance for real hookups.
  • Is it their photo for real? Here’s a cool trick.. upload that sexy cougar’s photo to This site shows you other pages on the internet where the photo can be found. Scammers often use photos they find online.
  • Watch out for immediate communication. Pay special attention when the hot guy you’re messaging with always responds immediately or within 15 minutes every time you send a message. You might be flirting with a bot!
  • Never open attachments from a stranger. Watch out for women who send you their picture in an attachment. You might be downloading a virus along with it.
  • Beware the sob story. Many scammers claim to have ill family members or a similar sob story to tug at your heart strings. Or maybe it’s an emergency in which only you can help. Another scam involves a story in which the woman is on their way to visit, but their credit card is being declined.
  • Last but not least, never wire money to a woman you haven’t met in person!

I wish you the best of luck, and if you have any tips or ideas to add here, or a story that might help others avoid trouble, please share below.

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  1. Eric

    October 2, 2012 at 5:48 am

    Hey there Ava!

    I know this blog post is a few months old but a few days ago. I’m a 21 year old male and I just started online dating in general but focused more on older women dating to start things with a bang. Both in dating and life. (I’m a virgin but it gets further than that!)

    The main problem is simply the websites that I’ve been to have been scam websites where fake profiles operated by programs that would send you messages to coax you into becoming a paying member. I did my research and it turns out that a lot of cougar and general adult sites apparently do this for profit. Whether or not it’s because the complainer is just doing the wrong things is beyond me.

    Currently, I can’t be a member as I don’t have a credit card. If I used my mums card, it’ll show up along with paying through the phone. As much I really want to be a full member, I just can’t be discreet unless there’s some kind of universal pre-paid card that’ll substitute for a credit card.

    I’ve tried Mature Kiss, Cougarlife (Looks the most promising) Adult Friend Finder, Cougared, RSVP, Love Again, Date A Cougar and MILF Dating.

    I probably registered for a few more but the only sites that did look even the slightest promising were OkCupid and goCougar simply because they allow people to send and receive messages for free.

    OkCupid although does have real people that do chat to you is either mainly used by people my age (20’s.)

    GoCougar have an actual forum and community but the active numbers are low, the female to male ratio is pretty male dominant and there simply aren’t any females in my area that are registered there.

    Is there some other websites I haven’t tried that offer the same services as the OkCupid and goCougar? And although I’m a little hesitant at going to cougar bars, there doesn’t seem like there is any in Sydney.

    I don’t have a problem with setting up my profile as I fill in absolutely everything with loads of detail and honesty but I don’t want to run the risk of getting scammed and disappointed.

    • Lola Page


      October 2, 2012 at 12:21 pm

      Hi Eric,

      I’m Lola, the one who wrote the article above, but perhaps Ava will want to weigh in on this as well.

      I know what you’re talking about with the fake profiles. Lots of sites do in fact seem to create fake profiles and send fake messages to their members to entice them to upgrade. Although this practice is NOT the norm, it is unfortunately the practice of some dishonest sites desperate to grow their database. My advice on this front is if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Meaning, if you sign up for a site and receive 5 new messages in the first hour when you haven’t even uploaded a photo… well, it likely shouldn’t be trusted. Also look for similarities between messages from different users. Auto-generated messages are often very similar in length and content.

      Also Eric, there IS a way to be discreet and still go for paid memberships. Pick up a pre-paid credit card. You pay upfront when you buy it from the store and can use it online for any purchase including a dating site membership, just like a regular card. And if you prefer to get by with a free membership, remember that some of the sites you listed above do have features that all members can access. For example, I know offers free chatrooms once you bypass the upgrade page.

      It seems to me that you’ve joined a good number of sites and one of them should fit your needs, especially if you decide to try a pre-paid credit card. I think it’s great that you’ve tried so many and I always recommend that people join several sites before deciding where to upgrade. My recommendation would be to consider MatureKiss because you mentioned that you had difficulty finding many profiles of women in your area, and they are the largest of the cougar dating sites. And if you are still looking for free then give plentyoffish a shot. They aren’t specifically for finding a may-december romance, but there’s no cost and they are a very large site as well.

      Thanks for your feedback and good luck!

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