5 Role Plays for Submissive Men and Dominant Women

You don’t have to be a hardcore BDSM player to enjoy role playing with your intimate partner. Many younger men who prefer to date or be in relationships with older women also like their lover to dominate them in the bedroom. This is often a natural fit, as most cougars are confident in their sexual prowess and not afraid to let their inner dominatrix out to play.

If you are a natural submissive or just want to play the part temporarily, you’ll want to give these role plays a go with your older lover. Enjoy!

5 Role Plays for a Submissive Man and a Dominant Woman

1. S: Student
    D: Strict Headmistress

The student will show up to class without his homework, and his disappointed teacher will ask him to stay after school for a private lesson. Of course, discipline is necessary to get her point across…

2. S: Delivery Boy
    D: Housewife

The woman has been emotionally neglected by her husband. When the delivery boy comes to drop off a package, she invites him in to chat. After she seduces him, she threatens to tell his boss unless he lets her do exactly what she wants…

3. S: Intern
    D: CEO

The intern has been negligent in his work and must be reprimanded in his boss’ office – with the door locked! If he wants to keep his position, he will get into whatever position she chooses…

4. S: Sex Addict
    D: Therapist

The patient is seeking alternative treatments for his lusty desires. His therapist has many different method to offer him, as long as he is more than willing to try new things…

5. S: Apprentice
    D: Head Chef

The apprentice has been showing up to work late and screwing up the orders. The displeased chef will give him a second chance if she can discipline him with tools found in the kitchen, starting with the wooden spoon…

Which role play would you try? Any other suggestions you can offer to readers?

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