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The Toy Box features reviews of toys that myself and other contributors test drive. Prrr… -xo Ava

The Foreplay Ice Chill Massager has been a great addition to my pleasure chest this summer. I love sensory play, especially with ice cubes. A great way to get wet inside and out. I’ve enjoyed it by myself and with a younger man. He had no complaints:)

I call this a three-in-one which makes it well worth the price – very affordable. For a chilly wet sensation, you simply fill the silicone base with water, fit the massager bulb in, and place it in your freezer. An hour later, you are able to peelback the base and presto – instant ice knob for running along her naked wanting body. The three-speed bullet vibrator fits snugly into the base for added satisfaction. I use these parts separately as well.

ice chill sex toy reviewThe vibrator is a great clit stimulator when I’m alone or with a lover. I like my man to lick the water off my skin as the ice melts. He likes me to run the ice bulb along his shaft while his cock is inside my mouth, my tongue circling its tips. After the ice melts, he holds the vibrator against my clit while he’s inside me – guaranteed orgasm!

This awesome toy is made of high quality silicone and the vibrator is waterproof, which makes all three parts easy to care for with warm water and soap. And of course, great for shower action! Its compact size is great for portability when hooking up. Batteries (three watch) and instructions are included.

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