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Hi Cubs. The Toy Box will feature my reviews of fun toys that you and your cougar can use to enhance your sexual experiences. I will only write about items I have personally tried in my own cougar cub escapades. -xo Ava

The Candy Apple Kink Kit is a great gift for that special cougar in your life. The kit contains a blindfold, paddle, and restraints. And all three are very fashionable. I recommend this threesome for bdsm beginners that want a little fun.

The blindfold is shaped like cat eyes, sexy! It is made of red patent leather which gives it a more classy look than satin or velvet. The inside is lined with plush black faux fur which will give your cougar an enhanced sensory experience while you surprise her in other ways. There is an adjustable strap that’s long enough if you want to give her the reigns.

The paddle is made of the same red patent leather as the rest of the kit. The handle is about 12″ long and the paddle, about 4″ wide. 8 holes are cut out to help “decrease resistance and increase momentum”.  I’ve seen paddles bThe kinky candy apple kit from babelandefore that are heavy and can tire you out, but this paddle is a comfortable weight so you can keep going and going and… There is short leather strap attached to the handle, I guess for hanging although I like to keep my toys in something I call Ava’s treasure chest (reserved for special cubs).

The wrist restraints are sooo comfortable. Previous to this kit, I’d used metal handcuffs that left bruising. There are two layers of leather on each cuff. The bottom layer is about 2 1/4″ wide and 12″ long. The top layer is like a belt, about 1” wide and about 14″ long. There are 5 holes that are about an inch apart. My wrists are very slender so I had to adjust to the fifth hole to keep my hands from slipping out – wouldn’t want that. The cuffs are lined with smooth black leather and fastened with D-rings and O-rings for versatility in restraining positions. Use your imagination!

Each item in the kit is sold separately. Blindfolds, paddles, and restraints are all fun on their own, but when you have all three you can mix and match depending on your mood.

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