Ways To Avoid Those Awkward “Older Girlfriend” Judgments From Friends & Family

There comes a time in every cougar and cub relationship when meeting the family is the next logical step. Sometimes this is a pre-arranged date, other times it’s a more public event like a wedding. Introducing your much older girlfriend to friends and family may lead to you facing unexpected questions. Thankfully, we’ve got 3 Tips to make this process as easy as possible.

Tip #1 – break the ice beforehand. Prior to your family even meeting your older girlfriend, bring up the fact that she’s got a few more years on her. For some, this is as simple as just bringing up her age in a conversation. For others, basic hints dropped here and there in a general chit chat is the best way to get that path laid down. There’s less of a surprise when your family has an idea about your girlfriend’s age before the actual meet-up.

Tip #2 – have the meeting in a public place. Those easy-going conversations are a lot easier when there are others around. Rather than heading to your parents’ house for a meal, get together at their favorite restaurant. A noisy concert may sounds like a fun way for your new lover to get to know your friends – just be sure that there isn’t any “background” conversations going on. You want to make your first-time meeting as enjoyable as possible for everyone!

Tip #3 – be sure there’s an understanding that your new girlfriend’s age is something that you appreciate and enjoy. Your family may not be used to you dating a mature woman, but explain to them that this is what makes you happy. At the end of the day, your happiness and safety is what really matters to your friends and family. Your lover’s age only enhances those emotions!

Don’t forget to keep your new love in the loop as well. Be certain she knows ahead of time that your family is used to you being the older one in the relationship – not the other way around. Let her know that no matter how the conversation turns out, you adore and appreciate her!

How do you handle others judging your relationships with older women?

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