5 Signs You Might Get Laid on a First Date

Before internet dating, the hookup wasn’t as easy. Sure you could go to a bar, hope that you might have a lady’s number by the end of the night… or more, get an invite back to her place – woohoo!, but it took more patience and prowling… at least in my memory of things.

Finding what you’re looking for has become much more sophisticated with the plethora of dating sites available to peruse, join, and participate in. Many of my gal pals refer to online dating as shopping for men, and I’m sure men have a similar term. Through profiles, first messages, and video chat; you can put out what you’re looking for, move at your own speed, and test the waters before any actual in-person contact.

And for those of you who are only interested in a hookup here and there, some glorious no-strings attached sex; it’s all out there. There’s no beating around the bush, so to speak!

BUT… most women – even cougars who love sex and are willing to get down and dirty on a first date – don’t want to admit they’re that “easy” or give it up so fast. We still enjoy the mating dance, and playing hard to get is in our natures. So… when you’re on a first date, there are signs that will help let you know if the deed may be done that night.

5 Signs You Might Get Lucky

1. She’s Smokin’
No, not cigarettes; I’m talking about her appearance. A woman who wants you to notice her body (before sex) will go out of her way to dress as enticingly as she can. If she’s only so-so interested, she may show you her best Lululemon sweats.

2. She’s Touchy
No, not super-sensitive; if you notice that she touches your shoulder, maybe your knee when she laughs, or even gives you a high five; she’s comfortable and is interested in physical contact. Body language says a lot.

3. She’s Talking Sex
No, she’s not asking you to do her; but talking about sex in any way, even a joke involving sex will give you an indicator if she’s confident about the subject. Confident older women aren’t uptight about having first-date sex.

4. She’s Free
No, not to buy; what I mean is she isn’t talking about getting up early the next day for a meeting, or she mentions that her kids (a lot of older women have them) are at their dad’s for the night. Both these tell you she doesn’t want the night to end.

5. She Asks Where You Live
No, not because she wants to stalk you; she’s wondering whether she should invite you over or go to your place. There’s pros and cons to both, for both parties; for safety reasons, think about renting a room, if you’ve got the money.

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Cubs: Any other subtle signs you look for that indicate a lusty first night?