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Rules for Sex with Your Mom’s Friends

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I certainly can’t say I date my mom’s friends. But I can say I’ve had a series of trysts with a (as in, only one) friend of my mom’s. Awesome and tricky, is what it was.

Its awesomeness lay in its heightened taboo. There’s a thrill that comes from being naughty and getting up to something you know deep down you probably shouldn’t be getting up to. So, yes, I’m going to make a judgement call and say getting involved with a friend of your mom’s isn’t the wisest thing to do—it comes with a big bag of betrayal.

Therein lies the tricky part.

It’s such a terrible secret to keep from your mother. Imagine what she’d think to discover such a betrayal coming at her from two people so close to her. Surely that’s an icky feeling all around. If ever one of your mom’s friends comes on to you, my advice is to laugh it off as though she were being silly and move on.

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But since when do we take advice when our loins are itching to play, right? So let’s get back to the awesome part.

If you’re going to be bad and can manage to quell any of the guilt rattling around your conscience, this kind of affair certainly ups the ante since it has the qualities of what makes for a blood-rushing good lay:

  1. Risk of getting caught. Always a thrill, just like sex in public.

  2. Taboo. Doing something you know is wrong sure does go down smoothly.

  3. Mutual circumstances. When lovers are both tapped into the absolute truth of their situation (for right or wrong), sexual synchronicity is guaranteed. You’re both having the same experience. That’s pretty darn sexy.

A couple of rules to follow:

  1. Pillow talk topics should NEVER include your family

  2. Avoid all occasions that would put the three of you in a room together. No amount of acting will cover your secret.

I list these perks only as a matter of interest and objectivity (…ahem, ahem…), not as an endorsement.

Now, if your own mother condones you dating her friends, then whatever, go for it. But it’s unlikely. And I recommend you don’t broach the subject. Unless you want to be sent to your room without dessert.


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