Older Women and the Orgasm

The Mighty Cougasm

I tell ya, there’s nothing like a woman who knows how to control her own orgasm.

You reach a certain age when you know exactly what you want and how you want it delivered. Cougars have this industry covered from all angles. If you’ve never hooked up with one, be prepared:

Endless O’s
If a cougar can command her orgasm, you better believe she’s gonna command it over and over in the same session. Get any notions of “gotta make sure she cums before I do” outta your head and replace them with “gotta make sure she cums fifty times before I do”.

G-spot/Clit combo
By this point in her sexual life, she knows damn well that the g-spot isn’t a myth. She’s after that intense orgasm, and only working the g-spot will do. Combining clit action is the icing on the cake. There’s nothing complicated about it, but it does require your full attention and commitment. And don’t worry, she’ll tell you exactly what to do and when to do it.

Vocal Direction
Which brings me to: do whatever she instructs you to do. She’ll be barking out orders. That in itself can be very sexy, but more importantly, if you do as your told, you’ll be ensuring she’s one happy camper—and the payback will overwhelm you.

Like I said earlier, she’ll be cumming until she turns blue. She’ll be greedy to do so. And your own orgasm won’t even cross her mind until she’s nearly spent. The expectation on you will be high; but when she feels she just can’t squeeze any more out, your pleasure will be the sole focus of her attention. Trust me: you’ll feel appreciated.

Verbal warnings
Don’t you dare cum before she’s ready for you to do so. If she thinks you’re about to cum after she’s had only a mere 25 orgasms, you’ll hear about it. Hitting the wrong spot? You’ll hear about it. Don’t take her demands personally. She knows more than you do. Listen and learn and reap the rewards.

The neck
This one is my own addition. Despite never having been asked to do so, I always dive into her neck. For some reason, an older woman LOVES having her neck kissed (and breathed upon) while she’s heading towards an orgasm. They seem to surrender to it. And goodness knows I’m happy to oblige.

And know this: the longer you put off your own orgasm in order to satisfy your woman and her need to have 50 of them, the better and more intense yours will be.

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