Making Your Cougar Purr

If you want to keep the sexual interest of a mature woman, your challenge doesn’t end in the bedroom, but it definitely starts there. Nothing will send a cougar out on the prowl for a new man faster than being with a lover who doesn’t satisfy her urges and leaves her hungry for more, for something better, or at least something different.

Keeping your cougar purring in the bedroom starts by accepting that her pleasure comes first, and by understanding that what turns her on might not mesh perfectly with your desires. Put her satisfaction first, and you’ll be halfway home in terms of getting what you want.

Remember that your tongue is good for a lot more than talking and tasting food. Learning how to give good head is something that your lover will appreciate, whether or not she’s a cougar. Work on your technique and get feedback from your lover – after all, nobody knows better than she does what makes her feel good down there, and if she can help you make her cum reliably with oral sex, she will be more than happy to give you some tips.

When it comes to making love to a cougar, remember that the sex you’ve watched in MILF porn is most likely not what she’s looking for. Instead of just thrusting and pounding away inside of her, take it slow. Kiss her deeply as you go, and look for a balance of tenderness and intensity. Don’t treat sex like a race, treat it like a long slow walk in the beautiful outdoors. Give her time to take in all the sensations, and make sure to give her your full attention each time you make love. Make her feel your focus, and she will respond in kind.

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