How to Maintain a Good Dating Reputation

Unless you only date while on vacation, you have to be conscious in maintaining a good dating reputation. Of course the smaller the city/town you live in the more word-of-mouth spreads about bad dating behaviors, and this can affect your chances of hooking up or finding a woman who will trust you enough to enter into a serious relationship. Even after living in a metropolitan city for a long period of time, I’m amazed how everybody knows everybody, especially if you’re out there dating regularly. I’ve been warned away from men who seem nice at first-meet, but have a bad rep circulating in overlapping social circles.

I’d like to just say, “Don’t be an asshole.” And that does basically cover everything that follows, but I will get a little more specific… gentle reminders that younger men might need.

Be Generous
Pay for first dates, it’s the gentlemanly thing to do. If you’re low on funds, plan something inexpensive. After the first meeting, going dutch is fine, but don’t spend a half hour counting down the pennies of a bill.

Act Chivalrous
Hold doors open, offer your coat if she’s cold, and take the lead by planning the date. An older woman wants her younger man to be the man, not a child she has to take care of.

Be Honest
About everything! You only want a hookup – say so! You’re interested in finding everlasting love – don’t be afraid to admit it! You’re in an open poly relationship and looking for a third – let it be known! Sure, honesty might lose you a few ladies, but you’ll be that much closer to finding what you’re really looking for.

End Things Appropriately
Dating is a precarious business, especially if you’re free-wheeling and not ready for anything serious. If you need to end things or don’t want to see someone again, be upfront (a cougar can handle it!) If you try the old disappearing act, it will come back to haunt you.

Don’t Gossip
After any relationship (long or short), move on. Don’t talk about a woman behind her back (unless others may need to be warned about her reputation) but if things didn’t work out because you didn’t match up sexually or whatever, keep this information to yourself. Women don’t respect or sleep with men who kiss and tell.

Remember these tips because a bad reputation can follow you around for a very long time.

How do you maintain a solid dating reputation?

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