5 Ways to Escape your Dating Comfort Zone

We all have our dating comfort zone, whether that’s where we look for a hookup or new love interest, or how we go about it. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable, but it can keep you in a same old same old ho-hum dating landscape. Every once in a while I like to challenge myself (and sometimes my readers) to shake up their dating game. I’m not asking you to climb Mount Everest to find your next beautiful older woman – we’re everywhere, just waiting to meet a young man like yourself. All I’m suggesting is that you crawl out of your comfort zone to see what you can see, and find! It’s a great way to refresh and find someone new and different. So how does one do this? Check out these 5 tips:

1. Take a Chance
Next time you see a pretty lady out and about – talk to her. A lot of guys think it’s only okay to do this at a bar or club, but no… a lot of us women think it’s sweet when a man takes a risk and approaches us for conversation in a day-to-day place such as the subway, the laundromat, or the library. You have nothing to lose.

2. Join a Dating Site
I know that most of our readers have online dating experience, but if you’re still an online virgin, it’s time to check it out. If you already have a membership to a dating site, think about trying another site, either to meet a new group of women or to find someone with specific interests/needs) (e.g. single parents, sugar mommas, bondage).

3. Be Set-Up
Remember when friends would set each other up on dates before internet dating came along. Most people know someone who just loves to play matchmaker. Well, let them do their thing and be open; don’t give your must-haves, just let it ride. If you don’t have a “cupid” friend, then put the word out amongst friends that you’re looking for a set-up. You may just start a challenge that will have you on dates for weeks.

4. Go Against Type
Part of the comfort dating zone is always going for the same kind of women, whether that’s looks-related, what they do for a living, or their interests. Next time a woman asks you out (in person or online) and your first thought is, she’s not really my type”, pause, take a breath, and accept her invitation. There’s a reason why you’re still single and it might just be because your type isn’t your type.

5. Expand Your Scene
I’m talking about the places you frequent, hoping to meet lovely older women. Bookworms, get out of the library; barflies, find a new local; and sports types, switch parks. Try visiting new neighbourhoods in your city, planning day trips outside of where you live, or signing up for a class. You really never know where you might find someone, but the truth is if your staying in the same places, it’s likely most of the women there are also.

Hope these tips help you on your journey through the dating jungle. How do you break out of your dating comfort zone?

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