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Is That a Toothbrush in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

I’m one of those teeth-brushing freaks who carries a brush and paste everywhere I go. It would be easy to label me OCD when it comes to cleaning my teeth, but instead I take pride in the reaction it elicits from women: they think it’s sexy. They do, they do!

Whenever I’m at work or out and about or wherever and I pull out my toothbrush post-meal, women remark upon it. (Let’s face it — most people don’t go so far with dental care as to have a porta-pack, so I do stand out.) “That’s sexy.” That’s what they say. “That’s sexy.”

And here’s why:

  • It demonstrates an importance on cleanliness.
  • You’re conscious of and considerate towards those around you (ie, not turning them off with your garlic breath).
  • You understand that a clean mouth is more than just a morning/bedtime routine.
  • The fact that you’re not embarrassed to carry a toothbrush around is a mark of confidence. (Whenever I whip out the toothbrush I can’t help but notice how those around me start looking/feeling guilty for not practicing it themselves.)

Not that I do any of this for the purpose of picking up women. But men and women alike seem to forget how basic dental care can affect your hookup chances.

Chops in your chops. The tiniest bits of food wedge themselves between your teeth throughout the day. They may not at first be noticeable, but when you’re meeting someone for the first time, you’ll be scrutinized more carefully (who can resist noticing someone’s teeth?) Don’t let the lamb chops you had for lunch be what she remembers most about you.

Gums. It’s all about the gums. If you had to choose between flossing and brushing, always choose flossing. It’s the only way to scrape out the bacteria that both fouls your breath and loosens your teeth. Need I make an argument that no teeth is hardly sexy?

Go to the Pros. Even the best dental habits aren’t enough. Without regular visits to a dental hygienist for a professional cleaning, your mouth will smell. It’s that simple. The deepest germs and smells need to be carved out. It cost money, and it’s unpleasant, but it beats being lonely.

It’s the 21st century, peeps. We’re not rubbing our teeth with sticks or dying of scurvy. Floss and brush. Cheap, easy and portable.

And women love it.

BTW — Always use a soft toothbrush.

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