The Most Important Breakup Rules for Mature Women

As the more mature person in the relationship, a cougar needs to take care that she doesn’t break down her lover when it comes time to break off the relationship. It’s easy to assume that your man isn’t all that invested emotionally because that’s the way men act a lot of the time, but you have to remember that nobody is immune to heartbreak.

Don’t be Cold

When you decide to split with your lover, don’t treat it like you’re tossing out expired milk from the fridge, especially if the two of you have been dating a while. Chances are, even if your man projects a tough front, he has grown attached to you over the course of your relationship and is bound to take getting dumped pretty hard. Remember, just because you’re a cougar doesn’t mean you have go around baring your claws all the time. Take it easy on the guy and let him down gently.

Make a Clean Break

When you have made the decision to break up, don’t give the guy hope that you might change your mind by engaging in breakup sex. Breakup sex can be the foundation for serious denial, and it’s a recipe for clinginess and a terrible emotional rollercoaster ride for your partner. If you plan on immediately seeking out someone new to date, it’s all the more important that your last relationship be clearly, cleanly over – the last thing you want is your ex showing up at your place unexpectedly when you’re in the middle of a romantic evening with your new man!

Don’t Text Your Decision

Just because people do everything on their smartphones nowadays doesn’t mean that you should take a new media approach to breaking up with your lover. Show him the respect of telling him it’s over in your own voice. Breaking up by text isn’t just gutless, it tends to tell your lover that they didn’t mean anything to you in the first place, which is a mean message to send on your way out the door.

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