How to Treat Older Women

Compensate Your Cougar

Cougars have the means to be generous, and they are. You won’t find them choosing Burger King as a destination simply because their date can’t afford anything classier. They’ll happily treat us to a succulent steak house instead.

It’s not something we should take for granted, but nor should we feel guilty. There are still ways we can step up to the plate and contribute—and show our gratitude. Here are some ideas:

– Organize a picnic. It’s perfect for those dating on a budget. It doesn’t cost much to pack a lunch. And an afternoon in the park, feeding on sammies, cheese, pickles, and wine will count in her books.

– Flowers. They can be expensive, but not out of reach. Even a pocket of posies will do. Picking them from the wild could win you points; stealing them from someone’s garden might even give her something to laugh about.

– Breakfast in bed. Need I say more? (Actually, yes, I do: if your cooking sucks, keep it simple. Better to make pancakes from a box and douse it in delicious real maple syrup than fuck up her eggs.)

– Despite the fact that she’s more likely to be the one with a car, do some research and organize a surprise day-trip to somewhere that might be a fun way to pass the time—anything from outdoor markets to Niagara Falls.

– Save for a classy dinner. She likely knows you can’t afford the fancy schmantsy places, so when you surprise her by taking her to one (your treat!), she’ll be impressed. It might take you a month or so to lavish that sort of extravagance, but do it—otherwise you’ll only blow the money anyway.

What it comes down to is this: plan something, expend some thought towards her. Show her that what you can’t afford to spend can be compensated for by your efforts.

Isn’t she worth it?


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