Dating Tips for Men Living at Home

If you’re still living with your parents or had to move back home, it doesn’t mean your dating life should suffer. And it doesn’t have to! I’m an older woman who has dated a few men who lived with their parents, and with that experience, I can share a few tips on how to live with the folks and still get some, without turning the ladies off.

Don’t Sweat It
More and more adult men (and women!) are finding it easier to live at home while they become established financially or while they’re in school. It doesn’t have the same “loser in the basement” stigma it did years ago. Or maybe you’re living at home to help out your ageing parents (that’s endearing and attractive). Unless you’re just sponging off your parents, sitting around and doing nothing, you don’t have to feel like a weirdo.

Be Honest
Being straight up with a date, a potential hook up, is very important. The first whif of a lie, and an older woman is outta there. I wouldn’t recommend writing in your online dating profile that you live with your parents, but when you do go on a first date, your living arrangements are sure to come up. So tell her without any precursor like, “this is embarrassing, but…”  because if you don’t make a big deal of it, it’s likely she won’t either.

Live Independently
Once your date knows your situation, you’ll want to show her that it doesn’t cramp your lifestyle, your ability to do your own thing. Because, no woman likes a momma’s boy who’s gonna call his mother to tell her when he won’t be home for dinner or that he’s staying out late. If that’s your issue, fix it fast! Talk to your dates about your goals, passions, and friends. If you do invite a date home to meet the folks, make sure your room doesn’t look like you’re still in high school.

Does living at home cramp your dating lifestyle?

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