4 Cougar Turn Offs: Breaking Bad Habits

Ok, fellas, so you’ve landed the older woman of your dreams. You’re in cougar heaven and the angels are singing. All is well, and you’d do anything to keep it that way. Here’s the thing, guys. I have to be honest. Us men, well, we have our ways and we certainly have our habits, some of them more endearing than others. What I’m getting at is… if your less endearing habits aren’t copasetic with your frisky feline lover, then things ain’t gonna last too long, ya hear?

If you’ve got any of these habits, it’s time to work them out of your game, son!

Gross Grooming
Are your clothes always wrinkled? Did you forget to brush your teeth this morning and the morning before that? Have you clipped those eagle talons you call your toenails lately? Need I go on, fellas? Your cougar wants a man, albeit a young man, but not a man who grooms himself like a ten-year-old boy. Get it together and keep it together. Manscaping for cougars is basic, you can’t mess with this stuff.

Gadget Guy
Is your cell phone an extension of your hand? Do you check it often around your cougar goddess? Do you answer calls in the middle of a romantic dinner? If you said yes to any of these questions, first you have a serious problem, and second, you’re about to have another serious problem – getting dumped. For real guys. I’ve never met a woman who’s impressed with excessive cell phone use. There’s no award or reward there. Put it down, put it away, and put all of you energy and attention into that gorgeous older woman staring at you. Enough said!

Mr. Calls Too Much
The ugly cousin of what I described above. The dreaded “clingy guy syndrome“.  Dude, do you really have to call and update your woman about every minute detail of your life? Or maybe you’re trying to keep track of her every move because even if you’re not,  it will seem that way. Don’t over do it, fellas. A woman needs to feel free and not trapped. Calling her eight times a day will make her feel that way and run the other way!

Love Thyself Too Much
Do you talk about yourself a lot? C’mon! Be honest here. If you do, you’re doomed. Sure,gb a woman wants a strong, confident man, but a woman does not want a man who’s so full of himself all he does is talk about how great he is, how many amazing toys he has, how much money he makes, and on and on. Trust me, any woman with a brain will know you’re trying to overcompensate for something, and if she can’t figure out what it is right away, it’s bound to surface down the road. Talk about how amazing she looks rather than your new haircut. Ask her about her life, engage her and the results will be good for you, I promise.

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Any bad habits you’ve changed for the better? What other nasty habits do men have that women hate? 

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