5 Reasons NOT to Contact an Ex-Lover

Stay Under that Rock!

Recently a younger man (from my past) who didn’t treat me so well, contacted me for some kind of “round two”… one last shag (a year later!). He sent one of those “feeler texts”, you know, the one that sounds like this: “hey, (insert name), I was just thinking about you.” They have nothing important to say, never an apology, they’re just testing the emotional waters. I ignore such bullshit and have this to say to all the cubs who think about reaching out to a woman who you vexed for whatever reason: DON’T BOTHER!

There’s an expression us older women use for this trend, “They all come back sooner or later.” And why? Because they realize how awesome mature women are, how great the sex was, and how cool it was to be with a woman who was both confident and intelligent. So cubs, if you were with an older woman (friend with benefit or in a relationship) in the past, and you can’t seem to forget her, and contemplate contacting her… read this first.

5 Reasons Not to Contact a Woman from your Past

1. Seeking Forgiveness – If you had some kind of open relationship going, fine… but if you were exclusive and stepped out, sorry, but you’re branded. Work on your fidelity issues with someone else or live in hookup heaven.

2. Feeling Lazy – If you’re just going through your rolodex of past flings and relationships because you don’t want to make an effort to meet new ladies, then you need to grow up and make an effort!

3.  Struggling Financially – If you sponged off your previous relationship with a cougar but moved on for a younger gal but now you miss the money, get a job or find yourself a sugar mama.

4. Wanting to Apologize – If you finally realize how much of a jerk you were (so many possibilities here) and feel the need to say you’re sorry… 9 times out of 10: she just won’t care.

5. Wanting Sex – If you’re horny as hell and are hoping for a last shot booty call from a woman you dumped or treated badly in any way, forget it! I guarantee: she’s moved on.

Believe me, if an older woman wants you back in her life, she’ll call you! There are plenty of older women who will rock your world, just like that woman from your past did, AND if you play nice… you’ll never make her blacklist.

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