Why Guys Like MILFs and Why They’re So Hot

A commonly-held belief is that a MILF is a hot older woman who just happens to have kids as part of the package—that she’d otherwise be nothing more than any ol’ cougar.

I couldn’t disagree more. That they have kids is what makes MILFs super-sexy in the first place. It’s also part of these reasons that guys like MILFs.

Why are MILFs So Hot?

She’s a mother you’d like to fuck, and this is why guys find that so hot.

A MILFs Time is a Limited Quantity

I like to think of a MILF as a woman who’s got her priorities straight. She may want to date you; if you’re lucky, she may even want to fuck you, but you can bet your ass her kids come first. And there’s so much to love about that.

Besides the thrill of witnessing the love of a good mother, it’s very sexy knowing you’re in the company of a woman who wants very much to be with you.

She’s busier than you’ll ever be, and it wasn’t easy to carve out this time to spend with you. But she’s made sure she’s all yours, for however long she has to spare.

That’s pretty hot.

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A MILF is Appreciative

MILFs don’t get out much—at least not to places that don’t have laminated menus. Going out with you can be nothing short of an event for her, so make an effort: book the dinner reservation, choose the movie, whatever.

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In the end, she’ll probably tell you she’d rather spend what limited time she has fucking you instead.

Don’t tell me that’s not hot.

MILFs Make Better Lovers

Oh, the fucking! MILFs have plenty of time between sexcapades to bank such an excessive amount of anticipation that, by the time they’re cut loose for a night, it feels like you’re fucking a dozen women at once.

They don’t have time to fumble, so a MILF will make sure every minute is used wisely—only the best of what’s on the fucklist will do.

Hot? Oh, yes.

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I try never to pass up a MILF-op. It’s such a sure thing. And it’s always a rush to be with a woman who is so in the moment, ready to pull out her best tricks. Even if only for the short time she’s with you, wanting nothing more than to share her pleasure.

Way hot.

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So tell me, what do YOU like most about MILFs?

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