When You Want a Hookup to Last Longer

Let’s call it for what it is: if an older woman is interested in you, chances are it’s because you can give her what an older man can’t. Heaven forbid you squander that opportunity by boring her.

No matter how good your sex life is, it’s easy to run out of steam. The cycle goes a little something like this:

  1. You start an amazing sexual relationship.
  2. You get together often because you can’t focus on much else.
  3. You experiment a little.
  4. Rinse, repeat.
  5. Rinse, repeat.
  6. Rinse, repeat.
  7. “This isn’t working for me anymore.”

It’s not that the sex gets bad, it’s just not new anymore. This is an old story, we all know it.

So how can you keep those fluids boiling? It’s not impossible. Try:

  • Don’t hook up as often. I know, it sounds brutal, but it’s amazing how effective it is. When date-night arrives you’ll witness “Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder” in the extreme.
  • Continue to text between hookups. Keep exchanging them dirty texts, baby. Tease with everything you plan on doing when you next get together.
  • If allowed (depending on your arrangement), see other people between hookups. Having mediocre sex with others can help you appreciate the good stuff you have on hold.
  • Keep a To-Do List of sexystuffs you wanna try. Make it a LONG list, so there’s no risk of exhausting it. That’ll give the both of you plenty to dream about — and practice.
  • Share your fantasies. Introducing fantasy into your smutspeak creates more sexual intimacy. It’s great foreplay, too.

Let’s take a moment to be fair. Even cougars, despite their experience and know-how and confidence, have to face the reality that great sex has a life-span. It’s not as though women reach a certain age and sex all of a sudden happens without any maintenance effort. But they do know what great sex is, and when they’re not getting it. And if they ain’t gettin’ any from you, then you won’t be gettin’ any, period.

Good rule of thumb — if it seems too good to last, work harder for it.


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