5 Traits Older Women Find Attractive

Your big cock will almost certainly get you in the door, but don’t count on it to guarantee you a coveted spot amongst her furniture.

Sure, not everyone is after the same qualities in a fuck-buddy, but when it comes to older women, it’s been my experience that certain expectations need to be met if you really want your cougar to keep you around. You may wanna work on these:


Her time is precious. She doesn’t live the punk-like life many of us in our 20’s do. If you make a commitment, stick to it. Once you designate a time to hookup, don’t be late. Any kind of promise you make, keep it. She’s investing herself in you—don’t be a dud by not showing her you take her seriously. Respect her time and the time she’s giving up to you.

Maybe you’re fully-equipped with a monster cock, maybe not—either way, if you can keep your engine running beyond a quickie it will be duly noted. And rewarded. If she wanted anything less she’d be chasing a 60 year old. Or masturbating. You’re young: control yourself, and focus on her.

She may be confident, but that doesn’t mean her expectations of your sexual prowess aren’t high. Even if she has more experience than you (and she likely will), you better know how to find your way around. Better still if you can teach her something new. Feel free to watch as much porn as necessary to pillage for ideas.

I wouldn’t say that cougars are needy, but they do have needs. You should listen to them. Be an active participant in what’s on her mind. Learn her moods. Take her opinions seriously. Take her feelings seriously. “Being in the moment” means much more than being inside her.

Emotional Intelligence
You may still be a punk, but you’re not a baby anymore. Abandon immaturity and rise up to her level. Understand the world around you. Be informed and form opinions. Think critically rather than reactively, and understand that life still has plenty to teach you. Humility comes in handy.

When you think about it, each of these are worthy even outside of a cougar relationship. They’re good life-practice, so why not get on it.

She’ll love you for it.


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