Tips for Quick Hookups with Cougars

When you find a new cougar love interest on your favorite online dating site, make it known quickly that you would love to meet in person. Chances are good that you’re going to find a confident older woman who doesn’t want to beat around the bush. You really can’t tell if there’s a sexual chemistry until you meet face to face, so why wait! Choosing a busy public space for a first date provides women with a built-in security. I like to meet at a local diner because they’re always open, brightly lit, and easy to find – even for out-of-town dates. But don’t be afraid to also suggest a date that isn’t just your typical “interview sit-down.” An older woman will appreciate creativity when it comes to date planning and your take-charge attitude.

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When you are on a date and you feel that there is mutual chemistry that is heading in a sexual direction, if at all possible, go back to her place for your hookup. A woman, especially a mature woman, will always feel more comfortable and at ease in her own home. If she does suggest going to your place or a hotel, don’t be surprised as many online cougars are already in relationships and are only looking for a physical relationship. She may even be married and you don’t know and don’t want to know. If all you’re interested in at this point is a fling, there’s no reason to pry.

Wherever you end up, it’s up to you to read her body language. Watching a woman’s body closely will give you signs on how you should approach. Even some of the most confident women, who are interested in sex only, will still want a sprinkle of romance in their one night stand. Most older women expect and want a touch of chivalry, even from the younger men they seek out. Treating a mature woman as “one of the guys” just won’t cut it. To be fair, you may not have time to think before you move because many cougars also have strong sexual appetites and will want to take the lead. This is why many shy and inexperienced younger men prefer to hook up with an older women.

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