Tips for Meeting Mature Women at Online Dating Sites

The first thing that you’ll want to do after you create a dating site profile is to chat with a woman. Take the time to browse through various profiles to see if there are any compatible matches for you. This can be done by filling out all sections in the search feature, then letting the site do much of the work for you. When your matches come up, read through profiles carefully. Create a favorites list that can be saved for rereading and editing as you become more discerning.

After reading through many cougar profiles, you may want to make adjustments to your own profile that reflect common interests and goals. Once you decide to send a message, spend time crafting a note that will pique her interest. She will only check out your profile if your message tempts her to do so.

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Soon you will be getting replies from interested women and the best advice I can give is to respond quickly and to the point. This is not at all similar to meeting a woman at a bar, grocery store, or shopping mall. If you engage in a lot of small talk, chances are you will feel as if you are in a slow moving relationship. Get to the nitty-gritty as fast as you can without seeming like a desperate person. If you feel like this might scare some women away, you might be right. But with thousands of women online, you shouldn’t worry about it.

The one thing that mature women don’t want is to feel as if they are being strung along slowly on the way to nowhere! They want you to be clear about what you want, whether that’s sex, love, or companionship. So be honest and upfront about your intentions and the reasons for contacting her, and you’ll be making the best possible use of your time and hers.

There are many good niche dating sites for younger men looking to meet older women. We recommend,, and All three sites host an exclusive community of mature women ready to keep it real with a lover who fully expresses his intentions from the beginning.

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