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Romance a Cougar with a Trip down Memory Lane

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Do you know who Rick Springfield is? Shaun Cassidy? Leif Garrett? If you’re under thirty, chances are you probably don’t. These three guys were pop stars in the 70s and 80s and likely teen idols of the cougars you encounter. I still have my Shaun Cassidy Live album, and his hit “Let’s Rock and Roll” and Springfield’s “Love Somebody” are part of my gym workout playlist – the past meets the present!

Like most people, my music is an eclectic mix of genres and time periods, but I will always have a soft spot for those pop stars and the Tiger Beat posters that I had on the wall way back when. Most people will call a lot of that music crap, and I’m not saying it’s the best thing ever, but it sure brings back a lot of good memories.

I was recently transported to the past by a trip to the city fair, where Rick Springfield was playing for free. When I met a cub on a dating site, I suggested this be our first date. For me, the idea of seeing Rick and a ride on the ferris wheel was super hot. My date wasn’t even alive when “Jessie’s Girl” came out (and Springfield is old enough to be his grandfather!) but he was enthusiastic to go. Important reminder: compromise and follow a cougar’s lead!

We went on a few rides, and he even won me a small teddy bear. At the show, I could tell he couldn’t understand the appeal of the music, but he wrapped his arms around me, while I sang along to the hits. It was a dream date for me, and I love that this younger guy was willing to indulge me. And yes, I did bring him back to my place!

With age comes nostalgia, and these feeling and memories can be a real turn on if you can tap into them with your cougar. And it doesn’t just have to be her favorite teen idol, maybe it was a special place she used to visit or a tv show she watched every week. The point is, taking a trip down her memory lane is a great way to woo a woman.

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