Make the Most of Your Time with a Cougar

Quit Spoiling Her Mood, Would Ya!

You’re with your woman for a reason—and it’s not to play Candy Crush on your smartphone!

A cougar is not a teenybopper with ADHD (even if the cougar does have ADHD). Believe it or not, she can actually stay focused on the job at hand. You should, too.

Just because you’re twenty years younger than her doesn’t earn you the right to be immature. If time has been made to get together to enjoy each other’s company—whatever that involves—the last thing you should be doing is wasting her time and spoiling the mood. It’s inconsiderate.

If spoiling the mood is not your intention, then you might wanna heed the following:

  • No texting or talking on the phone during the date! Why is it so hard for people to get a grip on how rude that is? Only the death of your mother can overrule this.
  • No sob stories. Save them for your besties. Your date isn’t your shrink.
  • No fits of rage about what your ex posted online today.
  • No announcements regarding your newly developed butt rash. If you have one, tell her before you arrive so she can decide whether or not it’s even worth the effort of changing the sheets.
  • No playing with pets during sexy-time. Your lady won’t think much of coming second to the shihtzu.
  • No shower, no sex. If you can’t make the time to spiff yourself up, don’t expect her to be thrilled when she gets a whiff of you.

Starting to see the thread? Your full attention and commitment are expected. Anything else is an unwanted distraction.

Think of it this way: The reason she’s invited you out is because she’s scheduled time in her life to make you a priority. Imagine how crappy it must be for her to then have to spend that quality time dealing with shite like what your boss said to the girl who sits next to the guy who got hired a day after the other guy who answers the phone for someone else who never bothers to refill the stapler. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

She’s contacted you. She’s in the mood. Keep her there.

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