How a Younger Man Wants to Be Treated by His Cougar

Treat Your Cubs with Care

I have no problem being a boytoy. Let’s be honest—if I’m dating cougars, I pretty much expect it. What I DO have a problem with is being treated disrespectfully, like shit, in fact, simply because I’m only in my 20s. (Obviously I’m just coming off a bad experience, and taking advantage of my e-soapbox.)

Out on the cougar scene, I’m sure there are women who only want their boytoys for sex, to keep schtum, and clean the pool as needed.

Not only am I not one of those boytoys, I’m not interested in the kind of older women who choose to practice that sort of one-sided disregard. We all have our opportunities to scrutinize hookups early in the game, and sometimes bad apples sneak through.

Allow me to put forth a few basic considerations:

Let us speak. We’re attracted to you because a cougar’s  confidence is such that it’s a pleasure to hear your insights on pretty much everything, but it would be nice every now and then if you would allow us to finish a sentence. We may be young, but we’re not all stupid.

Listen to us. We eat-up your lifetime of experiences, and feel like we’re in the presence of someone mighty, but something in our own short lives may be worthy to add.

If you won’t listen to us, at least make an effort faking it. Sometimes we have to endure your rant about something so sophisticatedly work-related it’s all we can do not to drift.

Respect us. Obviously it’s impossible to respect us for the years of experience we don’t yet have, but you can still respect us for who we are, as people.

Please don’t assume that we’re all just pool-cleaners. Some of us are smart, articulate, and actually have interesting life experience behind us. And we don’t want to be bullied because of our age.

We’re interested in older women because we love what they bring to the table. It’s a shame when such confidence mutates into condescension.


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