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How to Snag a Cougar Quickly Online

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Cougars are a somewhat different breed of woman from your average girl. They are older, more experienced and more knowledgeable about the ways of the world. That means there are special tactics that a hopeful cub should use to woo his favorite cougar and make sure she feels completely appreciated and cared for.

Be Confident
Most cougars are very confident in their bodies and have fairly stable lives. This means that you have to be just as confident as them. Own what you love about yourself whether that’s your looks, your fashion tastes, your career, or your amazing apartment, and you’re sure to be a cougar magnet.

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Gifts or Favors
Cougars typically have busy lives that are hard to balance. Give your cougar date a special gift like fancy chocolates or maybe a book you think she would like. Or offer to pick up her dry cleaning. A cougar lover will appreciate the extra attention.

Most cougars work hard on their bodies, their hairstyle, their fashion choices, and their careers. Compliment a cougar on any of these things, and she will remember you. “Treat a woman well and she will appreciate you for real. That could be the foundation of an amazing relationship, even if it’s just a casual one,” explains Megan who is a popular cougar on Megan has a lot of dating tips from her experiences and remarks, “I love a guy who notices the little things.”

Be Nice Even If It Doesn’t Work Out
Cougars have often passed through the dramatic relationships that the 20’s and 30’s can bring. Many older women are just looking for a fun time with a nice guy. Show your cougar date that you’re nice, exciting, interesting and fun, and she’ll reward you with her attentions. Also, if you remain nice after an interaction fails, you may be recommended to one of her friends!

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