How to Keep a Cougar Purring

Older women are incredible creatures to be sure. And because the cougar cub relationship doesn’t have the stigma it once did, it isn’t that difficult to find a beautiful older woman, especially with niche dating sites that cater to the younger men who recognize what a mature lady has to offer. So when you do find your match, how do you keep her from returning to the jungle? Here are a few tips that will help you keep your cougar purring.

How to Keep a Cougar Purring

1. Be the Best Lover You Can Be. Older women are not expecting their younger playmates to know everything, but eager and willing lovers are appreciated. A cougar always has something to teach her lover and will stick around if you too have skills that please.

2. Be Thoughtful When She’s Not Around. Gestures in person are wonderful, but when your cougar knows that you are thinking about her when she’s not with you, you’ll really make an impression. This can be done by presenting her with a little trinket you’ve picked up, or sending a sexy text.

3. Be a Good Listener. If there’s one thing women can’t stand, young or old, it’s when a man is only pretending to hear what she’s saying. It shouldn’t be too difficult, as older women always have lots of interesting things to impart.

4. Recognize Her Beauty and Talents. Compliments never go out of style. Most cougars are proud of the way they keep their looks, so recognition of this is appreciated. You’ll also want to acknowledge her talents or skills.

5. Give Her Space. Most older women have busy lives that may include careers, travel, children, and passions. Understand how you fit into the rest of her life, so that you will never cramp her style. A cougar, even with a younger man, needs space to roam.

How do you keep a woman satisfied?

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