How to Handle Getting Caught with Your Married Cougar

Some of the hottest sex you’ll ever have is with a married cougar. There’s just something about a woman who is dissatisfied with her love life at home that turns her into a sexual dynamo when she’s getting some on the side. It can also be very freeing from your perspective because as long as she’s married, she really can’t expect a serious commitment from you.

The big drawback to having sex with a married older woman, of course, is the problem of getting caught. In some cases, cougars are getting their action on the side with the approval of their husband as part of an open relationship but more often than not, married cougars are having their fun with cubs on the sly.

If you do get caught by your cougar’s husband, the right way to handle it depends a lot on the exact circumstances. If you literally get caught with your pants down at their place, the classy play is to make sure that she’s going to be okay if you leave. And then get the hell out of there. They need to talk, and while a lot of that talk is going to be about you, you being there won’t help matters.

If you get caught on a date with your cougar, follow her lead. If her man didn’t see you kissing or clearly showing more affection than one would expect between friends, then she might want to play you off as a friend, someone she met at the gym, or whatever else comes to mind.

Under any circumstances, you should never be the one to bring your relationship to her husband’s attention. It’s understandable if you feel bad about the affair, but you don’t want to be the one who outs your cougar as a cheating spouse. It’s not your place to do it, especially if you went into the relationship with your eyes open and knew she was married from the start.

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