Ask Ava: How to Ask an Older Woman Out

Q: Hi there, sexy Ava. How do I get older women? I love older women milfs, grannys, and cougars so much, but I find it hard to ask them out. Can you help me?

A: Hi Raymond. This is a problem many men have. First things first, you’ll want to find the older sexy mature women who you are attracted to. There are specific places where older women are more likely to be found, and of course, there are many great online dating sites to find cougars such as Mature Kiss.

When you do approach an older woman in person or online, remember that she’s just like any other woman – she wants respect, honesty, and sincerity. Confidence is key and very attractive to women. Remember, you have nothing to lose if you’re turned down and practice does build dating confidence. If you have to fake it until you make it, that’s okay – it does get easier.

Tips for Asking an Older Woman Out

  • Don’t mention age difference or ask a woman her age, ever!

  • Tell a woman what attracted you to her in the first place.

  • Act mature despite your age; you never want to embarrass an older woman.

  • Watch her body language for signs that she is interested.

  • Remember chivalry, charm, and manners; all part of dating etiquette.

  • Don’t ask too many questions and don’t over share on a first date.

  • Keep things light with a sense of humour as well as showing a serious side.

  • Give her a few compliments with attention to detail.

When you do find a woman that wants to go on a date with you, and it will happen; take the lead and plan the date. Older women like a man with ideas and who acts like the man.

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Readers: any other tips you can share with Raymond

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