Get Your Pad Hookup Ready

Clean Your Goddamn Apartment

Let’s face it: compared to women, men take forever to mature, if they ever do at all.

Take cleanliness, for example: is it not a sign of maturity to acknowledge that all the grime and hair and soap-scum and mold in your tub might be unhealthy? If not, then at least know how off-putting it is. And if you think your date won’t judge you based on how clean (not tidy, but clean) your living-space is, you better give your head a shake.

So if the night’s going to end back at your place, then make the time to clean your goddamn apartment!

If it’s a cougar you’re bringing home, don’t think for an instant that she won’t turn around and walk right back out the door if she sees you have damp, furry clusters of unidentifiables on your countertops and floors.

Women also like to use the bathroom every now and then—peeing is something they’re just wont to do. A toilet seat that’s been left-up can be forgiven (once, maybe twice), but skids will send her home, slamming the door on the way out.

It’s all very simple: youwillbejudged based on how disgusting your place is.

Next time you have a few days off in a row, use the time to scour and scrub in such a way that not only will your apartment be cougar-worthy, but all subsequent cleanings will require nothing more than a freshen-up. You’ll be able to extend last-minute invitations and not feel ashamed.

Show your girl you care about her enough to have expended a little elbow-grease.

If things are clean, chances are she’ll be more inclined to get dirty…


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