What’s Up With Fake Dating Profiles?

If you search for dating site scam reports, you’ll find that over and over the biggest complaint is usually fake profiles. We all hate being duped, especially when our hard earned money is involved. So what are we going to do about it?

Where Do All These Fake Profiles Come From?

Do all dating sites have fake profiles? They probably do, but not always from the same source. The worst offenders are dating sites that  create fake profiles to lure members to upgrade. Bots will send out sexy messages, but you can’t reply until you pay full membership fees. This is a devious, and sites will even disclose this practice in their terms of service as if this excuses it.

Scams are not all inside jobs! Some dating sites don’t create fake profiles but still struggle with scammers from the outside. Scammers join sites and create profiles with the purpose of:

  • selling their escort services
  • getting you to join another dating site
  • advertising a webcam service
  • asking you for money with a sordid tale
  • wasting your time

You’re going to find some type of fake profile on every dating site, but on most sites they’re not created by the sites themselves. The best way to deal with them is to avoid them. But to do that, you’ve got to be able to spot one.

There are two kind of fake profiles: ones that are automated (robot) and ones that have a scammer/spammer behind them.

Clues You Might Be Talking to a Robot

Just when you begin dreaming of a hookup with that cute blonde who sent you a flirtatious message, she disappears. She never responded when you wrote back, immediately after upgrading to a paid membership. Was it a fake message or did she lose interest? She probably never existed, but there are ways to recognize such a scam and keep your money.

  • You get multiple messages of similar length and content.
  • The message has no specific reference to you or your profile.
  • The lady is surprisingly eager to get it on for a first message.
  • It’s the hottest woman who has ever hit on you in your life.

That last one isn’t always true, but fake profile pics tend to be of super hot twenty-somethings.

As for the scammy scammers who join to talk you into sending money for plane tickets (or worse)? Arm yourself with some Tips to Recognize and Avoid Dating Site Scams.

Is That a Fake Profile Picture?

What if you haven’t received any messages from her, but you’re looking at a hottie’s profile and are wondering if it’s real? Pay attention to detail. Are there any links out to other sites? Do the pictures resemble a celebrity? Use common sense and watch out for a sales pitch. If you feel like sleuthing, upload their photo to tineye.com to find out where else the image has been used. Oh, you have Sophia Vergara’s tits? I don’t think so.

Stay vigilant and don’t be fooled on the quest for your next date.

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