May-December Romances: Cougar Style

For the longest time it was deemed appropriate for women to date men much older than they were, and in the black and white movie era it was so common that they even came up with a specific name for it. The idea of the phrase is that one person in the relationship is in the Spring of their life while the other is well into the autumn of theirs. Now, thanks to many years of progress and a set of strong female role models, the equation is starting to reverse itself and many men are seeking out older women for dating possibilities online!

Hiding your age is no longer in fashion for many older women because there’s a lot of gorgeous guys out there who won’t even include women under 30 in their search settings at leading dating sites like Adult Friend Finder.

“We see it more and more lately” said Sean of “In the past, so many women would list their age as N/A or write to us asking if we thought it was okay to lie about their age in their profiles. Fortunately, instead of just telling our members to be themselves, we’re able to deliver the great news that for many online dating enthusiasts being 30, 40 or 50 years old can actually be a huge positive. In fact, some of our online communities are now asking us to brand out by offering ways to connect with Silver Foxes who have matured beyond the typical Cougar or MILF demographic.”

Whether you;re in the warm May of your life or the cool December seasons of maturity, the lesson here is that it’s no longer a one way street where men and women are expected to fit certain preconceived roles. Now, for a change, each person is able to carve out their own identity online for romances that last a single evening or an entire lifetime!

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